My favorite food stops that both give life to “Neo-Anatolian Cuisine” and carry the torch of the traditional cuisine in these days while people reduce the Ottoman cuisine, a culture with deep historical roots, into “döner and kebab” mentality.

Ciğerci Ali Baba: "Ciğeri Beş Para Etmez!" Diyemeyeceğiniz Tek Adam

4 masa, 4 ocak, 4 tava ile başlayan lezzetli bir macera...

Toi: At Chef’s Table With Ismet Saz

Michelin star studded restaurants and their distinctly formal dining ambiance

B’ready Snacks&bites: The New Player of Izmir

One is a highly educated and highly successful Landscape Architect

Kapha Less Calory More Quality Music

Kapha is a new restaurant situated in the garden of the good ol’ Fogo

Doyuran Manisa Kebapçisi: Genuine Manisa Flavors In Izmir

You’re in front of one of the most popular culinary destinations in Kemeraltı

Basta Street Food: A Path From Michelin Stars To A Dürüm Restaurant

The most popular dürüm of Basta is lamb ribs dürüm

Dostol Kebap: 76 Year-old Odemiş Kebab

The most popular meatball dishes of Izmir

Esnaf Lokantasi: An Authentic Turkish Restaurant

I recommend the restaurant not only to the Izmirians

Güvenç Konyali: From Konya To Istanbul

The Istanbulites are lucky to have a place to go for that matter: Güvenç Konyalı

Tire Kebab Restaurant Ali Usta: Even Tastier Than The Orginal

Ali Usta is one of the Izmirian restaurants that I won’t hesitate to recommend

Veli Usta: Historic Seafood Restaurant In Hisarönü

While soles are sourced from Özbek, mullets and shad-fish are from Karaburun