Gastronomy and Rituals

Interesting facts about the culinary world, niche interests such as cigars and coffee and their rituals…

A Smoke-free World And Cigars

As for my personal choice, a cigar cannot be smoked without a companion, no beverages, unprepared and anywhere

Third Wave Of Turkish Coffee

Nowadays, there are people who wince at these tasteless, ordinary coffees and search for specialty coffees

A Beautiful Brunette in the Kitchen Black Pepper

If it weren’t for this beautiful brunette hiding at the heart of its drupes the whole kitchen would be left in despair as a matter of fact.

Piping Hot: Breads

There is a good chance that you’ll buy some bread on your way home other than anything else

Unesco Cultural Heritage: Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is every emotion that gathered up to fill a petite coffee cup

Wagyu Beef: The Secret Star of Japanese Cuisine

The hero of the story is Kobe