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As a food enthusiast who enjoys the colors of the life better reflected on his plate, I continue my 40 years of pursuit of “good food.” Blessed with the excitement still as fresh as the first day, I still explore, learn and travel. I feel excited and honored with the opportunity to share my experience with you my fellow foodies.

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Haluk Özyavuz

Kagari Ramen: Tokyo'da Ucuza Ziyafet

Japonya'nın geleneksel yemeklerinden ramen için listeye alınması gereken harika bir durak...

Recipes to Inspire

A collection of recipes varying from our love-drenched home-cooked tastes to world cuisine, traditional flavors and new fusion dishes with inspirations from different countries…


Flavor Bomb in Stone Oven: Atom Koko Pide

We’ve created an awesome recipe which will take the queen of the offal...

Jewish White Bean Stew: Two Meals In One Pot

The culinary culture of Izmir is like a colorful painting...

Home-made Pasta Recipe

The Travels of Marco Polo revealed that pasta was first seen...

Pilaf with Artichoke

A common type of artichoke...

Oyster-Shaped Börek: An Artsy Visitor at Tea-Time

Although, many prefer the oyster with onion...

Gastronomy and Rituals

Interesting facts about the culinary world, niche interests such as cigars and coffee and their rituals…

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A Smoke-free World And Cigars

As for my personal choice, a cigar cannot be smoked without a companion, no beverages, unprepared and anywhere

Third Wave Of Turkish Coffee

Nowadays, there are people who wince at these tasteless, ordinary coffees and search for specialty coffees

A Beautiful Brunette in the Kitchen Black Pepper

If it weren’t for this beautiful brunette hiding at the heart of its drupes the whole kitchen would be left in despair as a matter of fact.

Piping Hot: Breads

There is a good chance that you’ll buy some bread on your way home other than anything else

Coffee of the Week

Even we're told that life is about details, Chaplin defines living as a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-short.
Have a peaceful week...
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Turkish Coffee

Gevrek and Ginger Gallery

Izmir Gourmet Guide Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

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